Chemistry with sense

We are aware that chemistry should help people and nature, not harm them. We always solve both - the biggest projects and every little thing - in such a way that the world is a little better place to live in.


in chemistry

We provide consulting services in the field of chemistry, chemical engineering and chemical technology. We have experience both with the development of technological procedures and with production itself on an operational scale. 

Research and Developement

synthesis of chemical specialties

We are engaged in research and development in the field of synthesis of chemical specialties from the laboratory phase to the design and implementation of production lines.


of chemicals, specialties and preparations 

We perform organic and inorganic syntheses on a laboratory, semi-operational, and operational scale. We also produce liquid and bulk, or compressed chemical preparations.

Distribution and Sale

of chemical raw materials and specialties

We supply chemical raw materials including all related services (logistics, packaging, etc.). We provide all services up to the delivery of the product to the end user.